A large focus of our practice is on the legal field known as “litigation.” Most lawyers will tell you that litigation is the most difficult area of legal practice, and that a good litigator is hard to find. We certainly believe that as well.

So what is litigation? We define it as any dispute that may end up in court before a judge or jury, or even before an arbitrator. It includes criminal matters and civil matters, as well as appeals of all kinds.

Personal injury cases, which include traffic accidents, are included in the field of litigation. We certainly handle those, and we have a long history of success, having obtained millions of dollars for our clients in settlements and jury verdicts over the years. Relative to other types of litigation, however, traffic accident cases are easier. Therefore, our contingent fees in these cases are usually low.

A good litigator is hard to find for several reasons. First, it requires a personality that is persuasive. A litigator must have the ability to persuade a judge or jury, both in writing and by verbal argument. We believe that for the most part, a person is born with this ability or not, although the skill of persuasion can certainly be improved by experience and training. Second, a good litigator has to work very hard. Most cases never actually get to trial – they are won by motions and other legal maneuvering long before trial. A good litigator must be willing to spend long hours researching and writing motions and arguments. Finally, a good litigator has to be smart and versatile. The government can charge you with thousands of different crimes – from trespassing to murder to complicated federal charges like conspiracy and racketeering. A civil case can involve easy things like traffic accidents, or very complicated matters like bankruptcy, tax, securities, environmental law, etc. Appeals are very difficult because by definition, if you are appealing, you have already lost once.

At Mark Burnette & Associates, we take a lot of pride in our professionalism and in upholding the virtues of the legal profession. We will help you with any litigation matter if we can, and we do not limit our practice to easy traffic accidents.

If you need to consult an attorney about any type of litigation, whether it be a traffic accident, criminal charge, insurance dispute, contract claim, or anything else, contact us for a free consultation.