A Message from Mark Burnette

“There are a whole lot of laws, but very little justice.”

This is a fond saying of one of my best friends, who worked more than 35 years as a police officer. Perhaps this thought is a little cynical, but anyone who has spent his or her career working in government knows that it is true.

At least once each week while doing research, I run across a law that makes no sense at all from the perspective of the average person. I used to wonder how these laws ever make it on the books since our elected legislators are supposed to represent the interests of the people. Then, I had the privilege of serving as a legislator, and now I know how these laws get enacted.

The one thing that most legislators want more than anything is to stay in office, and that costs money. Insurance companies, banks, big corporations and all of their surrogates spend big money on lobbying and campaign contributions. Add to this the stubborn ideology of so many politicians who believe what they believe regardless of the facts and evidence, and the result is a government that rarely works for the people.

The judicial system can still protect the public from these bad laws to a certain extent, but I believe most people share the opinion that it works better for the rich than the poor.

I still believe very much our system of government, and I believe that we all have the obligation to resist the bad elements that corrupt it. One way to do this is to help the average person obtain the most competent and effective legal counsel when needed. Another way is to use our time, energy and money to try to level the playing field in every possible way.

Mark Burnette & Associates is more than a law firm; more than a business. We believe in justice, and we pursue it relentlessly for our clients. If you think we might be able to help you, please give us a call.