Proven Results from Extensive Experience

As of 2015, Mark Burnette has 23 years of legal experience in many different legal fields and has worked on “both sides of the bar,” which means he has prosecuted and defended all types of cases. He has tried over 60 cases to jury verdict. He has prosecuted 12 people charged with murder, and defended three – all successfully. He has worked on two death penalty cases, and both times successfully helped spare his client from execution. In civil cases, he has garnered millions of dollars for his clients in settlements and judgments of all kinds – many of which involved very difficult, complex cases that other lawyers had turned down.

Mark has tried complex cases that received national attention, often in the face of much adversity. Mark has worked as a lawyer for the state and federal government, and he has served as an elected prosecuting attorney and state senator. Mark’s range of work covers everything from Adoptions to Wills, and most things in between.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Mark rose from Appalachian poverty and obtained a quality education – including a degree from West Virginia University and two graduate degrees from Harvard University – all at his own expense. He served four years in the United States Army, including tours in Europe and Asia, where he was trusted with the U.S. Government’s highest security clearance. In all, Mark served 16 years in the U.S. Army and U.S. Army Reserve, and he is a lifetime member of both the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion. Mark has been married for 16 years and is the father of three wonderful boys.

Mark Burnette & Associates does not advertise the results of specific cases as do many lawyers in Florida and other places. This type of legal advertising is prohibited by the State Bars of most states, and since Mark Burnette is licensed to practice in four states, and practices in others, we don’t want to risk violating the rules. But the truth is, we would not advertise specific cases even if we could because the trust and confidence of our clients, even those with small cases, is worth far more than money.

The privacy of our clients is of paramount importance, and we are not going to breach that trust by asking them to appear in an ad for us. This type of advertising is also degrading to the legal profession because it portrays the very serious work of helping people whose lives have been devastated as some kind of lottery or game show. And most of all, this advertising is misleading. It is meant to encourage other people to hire the lawyer due to a good result in a past case. In reality, all lawyers know that many factors are important in determining the amount of a settlement. Two identical cases handled by the same lawyer can result in dramatically different settlements, or even no settlement at all.

When you hire Mark Burnette & Associates, you hire a firm led by a lawyer with an incredible track record of success in many areas of the law. You hire not only legal experience, but also life experience. We are committed to our clients, and we represent them zealously with an indomitable attitude. If you need a lawyer, consider interviewing us.