General Practice

Litigation, bankruptcy, family law, probate and guardianship make up the core of our practice, but we maintain a general overall practice for one reason – our clients may need something else.

Many lawyers tend to specialize in one or two areas. Sometimes there are good reasons for this, such as the complexity of the field (antitrust, securities, international tax, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions of publicly traded companies, to name a few). Other times it is for selfish reasons, such as where a lawyer just wants cases through which he can make a lot of money. We try to serve all of our clients’ legal needs, and we know through a lot of experience that we are capable of handling most anything an individual or small business might need. If we do not think we can handle a particular matter, either because we are very busy at the time or simply do not have the expertise, we will help you find another lawyer rather than just send you on your way.

“General practice” includes most everything – filing past tax returns, forming corporations or partnerships, real estate, representation before county commissions or school boards – practically endless possibilities. Maybe you just need a contract reviewed or have a question that might take a lawyer a couple of hours to research and give you a written answer. Whatever it is, we’ll help you if we can.

If you are already a client on another matter, we can often save you money by doing the cases together. For example, suppose your brother was negligently killed by someone else, and he was a single parent of three minor children. In that one scenario, you probably have, at a minimum, the following legal matters: (1) wrongful death litigation; (2) possible insurance claims – life or workers compensation; (3) probate; (4) guardianship for the kids; (5) dependency; and (6) adoption. Many lawyers will take the lucrative wrongful death claim and send you on your way for the other matters that will cost thousands of dollars with other lawyers. We will do it all, and likely will do it for only the contingent fee agreed to on the wrongful death claim so that you have no out-of-pocket expenses that you can’t afford in this very trying time for your family.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation about any legal issue you have even if you think it small or trivial. We take a lot of pride in serving our clients, and it’s not all about money to us.